Professional Landscaping in Waco, TX

As a homeowner, you have to ensure that every part of your property and home is appealing. If you have planted trees on your property, you will need professional tree care services to maintain their good look. When you contact the Professional Tree Service, Waco at Ortega’s Lawn and Landscaping, we can come out to handle whatever your trees need.

At Ortega’s Lawn and Landscaping, we have vast experience in providing tree care services to businesses and homeowners throughout the Texas area, including the Waco, Hewitt, Robinson, Woodway, China Spring, Lorena, and McGregor areas.

Trust the Experts

We are fully committed and well equipped with the most sophisticated tools in tree care guaranteed to deliver quality tree care services. Removing, pruning, and maintaining your trees needs experienced tree care professionals’ skills to maintain a safe and healthy landscape for generations.

Sustaining an aesthetically appealing and beautiful landscape is easy when you depend on a fully-insured and well-established tree care company to handle the work. Backed by our highly trained professionals and numerous years of experience, we provide complete tree care services, including pesticide management, fertilization, tree and shrub planting, stump grinding, removals, and pruning.

Our Tree Care Services

We offer a wide range of tree care services at the most competitive rates in Waco, Hewitt, Robinson, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our quality and price offering is unmatchable in the entire Texas area and its outskirts. Our tree care services include:


Our professionals will determine the type of pruning required appropriately to improve or maintain your trees’ safety, appearance, and health.

Trees Removal

Naturally, we do not recommend tree removal, given the critical role that trees play in maintaining our environment’s beauty and well-being. However, there are certain cases where we prefer tree removal for the better good. Our team of professionals will help you decide whether a tree needs removal or not.

Tree Planting

Whether you reside in Waco, McGregor, Robinson, Hewitt, Lorena, or China Spring, TX we have a team of highly qualified arborists who will recommend tree species suitable for your location. We will then proceed to plant the trees for you at an affordable rate.

Plant Healthcare

At Ortega’s Lawn and Landscaping, we provide tree preventative maintenance services to help keep your trees in good health while minimizing any parasite, disease, or insect problems.